Process 2

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Design the investment portfolio for each account. Your portfolio is designed based on your goals, risk tolerance, and the taxable status of each account.


Allocate your investments for diversification and returns. We analyze global financial markets to identify how much we want to invest you account in stocks, bonds, and other asset classes


Choose investments to purchase for your account. We choose investments in mutual funds, ETFs based on a systematic analysis of fund skill, valuation and momentum.  For larger accounts we may invest in individual stocks based on medium term opportunities and long term attractiveness.


Manage your portfolio to control risks and take advantage of opportunities. We monitor the holdings in your accounts and make changes based on updated information using sophisticated optimization and risk modelling tools. For taxable accounts we take into account the tax consequences of trades and can use techniques like :”tax-loss harvesting” to reduce your current tax bill.


We regularly monitor and update your account and let you know about changes. We let you know about changes to your account and how the financial markets are affecting your progress to long term goals.